Agent Profile

Ayumi Tanaka

Ayumi Tanaka has seventeen years’ experience working with Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation. As an Agent, he had successfully closed net sales contracts exceeding 150 Billion Yen. Drawing from his rich experience in finance and logistics, he imparted mergers and acquisition advice to major Investment Banks of foreign capital conglomerates, and formulated successful Corporate Real Estate solutions tailor-made to the listed assets under his charge. Majoring in Finance and Economics at University level, he is currently executing investment advice based on macroeconomic financial policy trends impacting the market. He is skilled in guiding investors in implementing smarter real estate choices, and drives a hard bargain negotiating the best terms to protect client interests.

Founder Profile

Osamu Nagashima

Osamu Nagashima founded Sakura Office Co., Ltd. in 1999, establishing the very first personalized consultancy service in the real estate business. He drew inspiration from his rich experience handling a wide range of duties covering real estate sales and purchase working for a real estate developer of repute in Tokyo. Growing steadily under his Chairmanship, Sakura Office Co., Ltd. Established itself as a premier real estate consultant, fine tuning third party negotiation to refined heights. He contributed successfully, fulfilling to perfection his role as committeeman of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. He was instrumental in incorporating the nonprofit organization, “Japanese Society of Home Inspectors,” and assumed control as the first Chairman of the Board of Directors, acquiring official recognition after certification of home inspections in April 2008. He participated extensively in programs on television, and other media, firmly establishing the reputation of the Nagashima Osamu Office. Popular and immensely successful as a public speaker, and prolific writer of repute, he released a number of books, commenting knowledgably on business trends, suggesting key policy changes, besides commenting on social problems and much needed community reforms. Among his most popular publications are - “Select Your Own House Like This” published by Diamond Inc., “Do not be deceived regarding the common sense of my home! You stand to lose if you do not reflect the new common sense” published by Asahi Shimbun Publications inc., “How to stay in touch with the real estate future, three years from now” published by Nikkie Publishing inc., and “Vacant House erosion in Japan brought out by Popular Publishing Co inc.