About Sakura Office

The avowed purpose of Sakura Office is to establish a fruitful and beneficial relationship between the investor and his real estate agent. With us the relationship is one that empowers the investor to pursue real happiness by inheriting an asset that promises a seamless merger into Japanese society assuring a culturally rich and beautiful experience.
As one of Tokyo’s premier real estate consultancies, we are just and fair minded in all our dealings, and we guarantee a lifelong commitment to ensuring peaceful independent living for all our investors in Japan.
Our fruitful advice, skilled counselling, and in depth surveys faithfully mirror our intention to provide the finest real estate options for every investor who approaches us. We provide single agency services only for the purchaser, avoiding any conflict of interest with seller’s agents. This is the Sakura guarantee of fairness in all our dealings.

Company Information

Company Name Sakura Office Co., Ltd
【Tokyo Head Quarter】
Sakuragaoka Regency 101, 29-24, Sakuragaoka cho, Shibuyaku, Tokyo, Japan
Postal Code; 〒150-0031
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Phonenumber +81-3-6455-0011 (Tokyo Head Quarter)
Executives President and representative director : Norika Onishi
The founder・chairperson : Osamu Nagashima
Established April, 1999 (Demutualization is May, 2003)
Capital 33,100,000 Yen
Line bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Nihonbashi higashi branch,
Mizuho Bank Tsukiji branch, and other.
  • Total real estate consulting service
  • All sorts of real estate
  • Details market research・survey for discrete real estate property
  • Home inspection and other building inspection
  • Construction quality management service of construction article
    (Third person evaluation)
  • Completion quality inspection service of completion article
    (Third person evaluation)
  • Consulting service for mansion management union
  • Employee training for business world (PDF file)
  • Seminar of real estate investment ・ economy, writing activities, etc.
  • House agent
Authorized architect office registration The offices of registered architects Governor of Tokyo 48827 issue
Certification of House agent House agent Governor of Tokyo(1) Number 94767 issue