Property which is favorably located adjacent to key infrastructure, commanding excellent views and locational ambiance, is at a premium. Newcomers, unfamiliar with the way Japanese real estate operates, may find the prospect of closing a deal very challenging. Without professional real estate assistance, investors may find the going tough and may get saddled with properties that do not command the value they anticipate.


Sakura helps investors zero in on properties that guarantee the smartest value and profitable returns


We have expertise in locating ideal properties: We maintain an extensive database, which is regularly updated, that helps investors key in on the best deals and smarter choices. Our listings aggregate the finest destinations in Tokyo, ensuring investor happiness, and comfort, and a pleasant hassle free stay in Tokyo.

Our advisors have proven skill in deciding the best office spaces: With us, you will never go wrong in deciding the ideal office space that suits your specific requirements.

We prioritize the investor’s needs and offer solutions tailored to meet all requirements: With a Sakura mediator entering the fray, clients may rest assured that we will discuss only options that meet client expectations, and not the other way round.

We offer premium services high on trust, reliability and efficiency: We deliver what we promise, and never give investors reasons to complain. For our clients, satisfaction is guaranteed because we make the best use of our extensive resources to close deals faster than the competition.

Our real estate mediators are skilled and resourceful: In Japan, mediation is the key, and our investors get the services of the finest and most experienced mediators in Tokyo that are aware of the ground realties, and are resourceful enough to overcome every hurdle.

Our agents are all bilingual, displaying higher proficiency in English: Language barriers dissolve when our skilled agents enter the picture. Our man will pick up and drop investors at chosen destinations, and will offer all possible information and advice to navigate Tokyo highways and by lanes without hassles.


Sakura guidance is your invaluable partner, paving the way for capitalizing on the smartest real estate deals in Tokyo.