Flow of our service

Our service for investment advice regarding condo where is located in Tokyo metropolitan area

Step 1

Planning the Investment

We advise what type of land, what kind of property you should invest according to your budget.

Step 2

Searching the Property

We search the property of your needs through our strong network.

Step 3

Visiting the Property

We have you visit and look at appearance of the property and environment of the area. (The condominium for investment of under lease is not available to visit inside.).

Step 4

Agreeing on costs

We estimate the necessary costs regarding the property that you would like to offer.

Step 5

Submitting the offer of purchase

Submit to purchase subscription to the agent of seller side

Step 6

Inspection of property

Explaining of important matters Verify important points when dealing. At the worse, if disadvantages to you is found, we will negotiate to change it hardly. In some cases, we advise that you stop dealing with it.

Step 7

Executing the real estate sale and purchase agreement

After your agreement regarding the important matters, we verify the agreement, and judge that there is no problem for you, we have you conclude sale and purchase agreement.

Step 8

Affecting balance payment and delivering property

We receive sale and purchase payment of all, support procedures for delivery of property, and formalities of registration thoroughly.

Step 9

Property Management Agreement

Instead of a non-resident you in Japan, we deputize management of taxation and the property. This takes additional cost. Our agency or our intimate agency support and help you.


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