Japanese Real Estate Recovery

In the past two decades spanning 1980~2010, the Japanese economy went through a period of economic stagnation evidenced by acute financial distress, fuelling sustained deflation. It became increasingly difficult to handle the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis following the collapse of Lehman Brothers, and natural disasters of the scale of the “Great East Japan Earthquake.” Although these events impacted Japanese energy resources and financial markets in an adverse way, the silver lining was that East Asia experienced a major upswing in its consumer market, sustained by a stronger middle class and strengthened manufacturing base.


More Significant Than What You Invest In Japanese Real Estate Is How You Invest

We offer investors the Sakura Advantage

In the real estate investment advisory business, fluctuating market scenarios are taken in our stride as we prepare ourselves for unforeseen challenges, and what differentiates a leading investment advisory such as Sakura is how we effortlessly navigate various economic hurdles to meet the investor’s specific objectives.



Your one stop destination for refined residential homes and top notch commercial addresses in Tokyo, providing information on a wide spectrum of choicest apartments and custom-built houses for rental purposes, listing properties offered for sale, offices available on rent, and assets tailor-made for boosting real estate investments.

Our Vision

Our business philosophy is to promote a harmonious relationship between individual owners and real estate, whereby the individual gains entry to an exclusive community of rich and sophisticated Japanese landed gentry. We ensure that investors enjoy the highest privileges, and exalted levels of fulfillment and happiness. They also benefit immensely from the beauty and cultured ambiance of prime Japanese residential properties.


Our Objective

Holistic thinking, particularly thinking out of the box is what differentiates Sakura Real Estate Investment Advisory from many other players in the highly competitive world of the Tokyo real estate market. Our success rests to a large extent on the collaborative spirit that we nurture, the high degree of coordination that we display, besides the uncanny ability to think from every possible angle, factoring elements that the competition routinely ignores.


Our Dedicated Network

With Sakura, the investor gains access to a dedicated network that accurately matches the specific property requirements of every client to an extensive database that incorporates even the minutest real estate commercial transactions finalized in Tokyo. Our network has tracked over 10 trillion Yen in commercial property transactions in Tokyo alone, enabling clients to move in quickly and close deals that would otherwise become lost opportunities. We have at our fingertips, In-Depth Property Profiles with full ownership details and transactional breakdowns.


The Sakura Real Estate Wagon Wheel

Japanese real estate investment procedures are standardized and flow along well-established conduits. Here, we provide a structured outline detailing the salient aspects of concluding a real estate investment deal in Japan.

Step 1:

Planning the Investment

We advise what type of land, what kind of property you should invest according to your budget.

Free Bank Account for Non Residents

If you are a nonresident, you will be required, under Japanese law, to open and operate a bank account. This is a must for carrying out money transactions when you close Tokyo real estate deals. In the normal course, opening a bank account involves paying fees and various service charges. Sakura offers nonresidents exclusive use of our in house account, free of charge, an account that will be completely under client management control.


The Sakura guide to making the smartest real estate investments in Tokyo

Japan is currently experiencing a gradual economic recovery, overcoming the economic crisis of two lost decades. The resurgent Japanese real estate market was previously driven by local demand. But now, foreign investors, both private individuals and institutional investors, are discovering excellent opportunities for investing in residential and commercial properties in Tokyo. Many investors are hoping to cash in on the redevelopment potential of Tokyo which is readying itself for the 2020 Olympics.


Overcoming Dual Agency conflict of interest in Tokyo Real Estate

In Japan, there are single agencies operating either as buyers’ agents or as listing agents for sellers. In a dual agency situation, different agents might represent the buyer and a seller, but share a common brokerage license. Such agents may receive charges from both the buyer and seller. This often creates a conflict of interest, potentially damaging the confidentiality of the transacting parties. With Sakura, an investor can rest assured that buyer’s and seller’s agents will not hold up real estate deals. We do not wait for the buying or selling agent’s decision. We act only after the client confirms the deal and conveys his approval. Whenever dual agency interests appear to be conflicting, we appoint different agents. Our priority is to protect the client’s interests at all times.


Receive double charges from both purchaser and seller


Receive charge from either buyer or seller


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comming soon !

About Us

A little description about your team. A little description about your team.

Agent Profile

Ayumi Tanaka has seventeen years’ experience working with Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation. As an Agent, he had successfully closed net sales contracts exceeding 150 Billion Yen. Drawing from his rich experience in finance and logistics, he imparted mergers and acquisition advice to major Investment Banks of foreign capital conglomerates, and ........

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Founder Profile

Osamu Nagashima founded Sakura Office Co., Ltd. in 1999, establishing the very first personalized consultancy service in the real estate business. He drew inspiration from his rich experience handling a wide range of duties covering real estate sales and purchase working for a real estate developer of repute in Tokyo.......

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